IRS ACA Error: 1095-C Part III Should be blank

How to address the "1095-C Part III" error from the IRS in response to your ACA data submission. (Error Codes Shared-001, Shared-002, Shared-003, or Shared-004)

Form 1095-C, Part III "Covered Individuals," should be blank (Error Codes Shared-001, Shared-002, Shared-003, or Shared-004)


  • Identify the cause of the error.
    • Check your Forms 1095-C to verify if Part III is populated correctly.
      • Part III of  Forms 1095-C should only be populated for self-insured companies for their medical insurance plans.
      • Further, Part III should only be populated with information for individuals (employees and dependents) that were covered by (enrolled in) one of your company's medical plans.  
        • If a company is self-insured and an employee did not enroll in medical coverage for any months in the reporting year, Part III of Form 1095-C should be completely blank for the employee.
        • Note: Part II of Form 1095-C shows the Offer of Coverage, while Part III shows those that are actually enrolled in Coverage.
  • Correct the error in Fuse.