I received an ACH return for an employee's direct deposit; what are the next steps?

An ACH Return means that the Direct Deposit/ACH Credit to an employee's bank account was not successful, and the amount of that transaction is being returned to your company bank account

  1. Fuse will end the affected Direct Deposit account in our system
    1. Do not reactivate this account
    2. If the employee gives you the same account information again, it is a best practice to enter a new Direct Deposit line for this account for tracking and reporting purposes
  2. You will need to contact the employee and let him know there was a return for their direct deposit
  3. Verify the amount is returned back to your company's bank account
    1. this could take 2-3 business days from the date that the Return is received
    2. ACH Returns are typically received within 2 business days of the payroll/payment date.
    3. this means that it could be up to 1 week before the company receives the funds back from the Return
  4. You will need to pay the employee directly for the amount of the ACH Return
    1. if the employee has multiple Direct Deposit Accounts, it is important to confirm which Account the Return was for and the Amount being returned to your company
    2. Arrange payment directly to the employee either via check or ACH.
    3. Since the amount is already recorded in Fuse you will just need to pay the employee.
      1. Generally, there is no need to void or reissue the Pay Statement in Fuse