How to recalculate employee ACA timelines

ACA timelines must be recalculated after changes are made to employee settings or ACA profile settings. Recalculating the ACA timeline will update the ACA codes to match the current settings.

*NOTE: Depending on the number of EE’s you’re recalculating the timeline for, this will take some time, so you may want to do this in another tab if you plan to work on anything else in Fuse while the timelines are recalculating.

  1. Navigate to: Menu > My Team > Benefits > ACA > Employee ACA Actions
  2. On the top left, check the box to select “all”
    1. You can filter for only active EE’s and then again for those terminated in the reporting year if you don’t want to recalculate all EE’s terminated prior to the reporting year
  3. On the top right, click ‘Recalculate’
  4. Choose the correct year and click ‘Recalculate’