How to prepare for Open Enrollment with Carrier Connect

Best practices to prepare your company for a successful and smooth Open Enrollment with Carrier Connection.

Important items to note when preparing for a successful Open Enrollment for your Carrier Connect EDI's.

  • Open Enrollment requests must be submitted to EverythingBenefits via Fuse at least 30 days prior to the beginning of your Open Enrollment period.
  • Fuse and EverythingBenefits suggest that Open Enrollment requests are submitted even if you think there are no changes.  Oftentimes, there are structural changes that can affect your Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI's) and we strive to avoid any potential issues by proactively reaching out the to carrier.  This is triggered by you notifying us of your Open Enrollment plans.
  • Any Open Enrollment request that is submitted less than 30 days prior to the beginning of your Open Enrollment period will not be considered timely and will be subject to rush processing fees.
  • Please note that general changes can usually be completed in the 30-day window prior to Open Enrollment.  If your company is adding a new Carrier for an EDI, this may require that a one-time census file is submitted with the Open Enrollment information while Fuse and EverythingBenefits work with the Carrier to build and test the new EDI.  (This process generally takes a minimum of 8 weeks but depending on the complexity and the availability and responsiveness of the Carrier, it may take much longer.  Note: charges apply)
  • Notify Fuse as soon as all employee Open Enrollment requests have been Approved and you are ready for the Open Enrollment data to be submitted to your Carrier(s).
    • It is ideal, and we highly suggest that completed Open Enrollment data is transmitted to each Carrier at least 2 weeks prior to the effective date of the new plan year.
    • Some Carriers require that plan changes with complete information for Open Enrollment be received at least 30 days before the plan effective date, so your Open Enrollment period should end at least 5-6 weeks prior to the plan effective date.


Open Enrollment fees for Carrier Connect include:

  • Carrier Connectivity Standard Open Enrollment Cost: $150/EDI Feed
  • COBRA Administration Standard Open Enrollment Cost: $500/Year (covers 3 carriers)
  • Census Files (if applicable): $500/Census File
  • Mapping Modifications (if applicable): $500/EDI Feed
  • New Carrier EDI Feed (if applicable): $1,000/EDI Feed
  • Late / Rush (if applicable): All applicable fees will be doubled