How to Filter Reports Using Smart Dates Instead of Entering Dates Manually

Most reports can now use the below calendar range options in their date filter fields.
Please note that they are placeholders and do not play well with the = filter unless you are just trying to capture first of the month/week/year data (i.e. = ${currentmonth} will only show 10/1 as the first day of this month and = ${currentweek} will only show 9/28 as the first day of this week).


These filters work much better with the >, <, between, and not between options. For example, between ${lastmonth};${currentmonth} will return 9/1-10/1 (assuming today is in October).


Options for smart dates:
  • ${today}
  • ${yesterday}
  • ${tomorrow}
  • ${lastweek}
  • ${lastmonth}
  • ${lastyear}
  • ${nextweek}
  • ${nextmonth}
  • ${nextyear}
  • ${currentweek}
  • ${currentmonth}
  • ${currentyear}