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How to fill out the Wire Drawdown Authorization for Kotapay

Instructions on how to complete the Wire Drawdown Instructions and Authorization Form for Kotapay and Fuse

Please use the following instructions when completing this form:

  1. Company Info
    1. under the section labeled Please provide the following information:, enter the following information
      1. Company Name: the legal name of your company
      2. EIN #: the Employer Identification Number of your company
      3. Receiving Bank Name (YOUR Bank): the name of your bank
      4. Account Name: the name on your account at your bank
      5. Receiving Bank ABA (Routing Number): the routing # for your bank account
      6. Account Number: the account # for your bank account
      7. Special Instructions (optional): please check with your bank
  2. Wire Drawdown Rules
    1. under the section labeled Apply rules to your Wire Drawdown., enter the following information
      1. The first 5 items should have the boxes on the left of the row checked
      2. The first 5 rows except the Tax Impound row should have the Always WDD box checked
      3. for the Tax Impound row, enter $10,000 as the amount that will trigger a Wire Drawdown
      4. for the Billing Impound row, leave all boxes blank
    2. see the screenshot below as an example
      220722 M Fuse Kotapay WDD Rule Screenshot
  3. Attestations/Signatures
    1. The 1st signature section is to be completed by an authorized individual at your company
    2. The 2nd signature section is to be completed by an authorized representative from your bank