How To Create a Chart in Fuse Workforce to Understand What Devices Employees Use to Log In

Goal: Create a Chart in Fuse Workforce to understand what devices employees are using to log in from.

  1. Log in to the company  
  2. Ensure you are in the new UI
  3. Navigate to My Reports > System Reports > System Utilities > Global Access  
  4. Manipulate the report to display the data desired by selecting the appropriate date range and columns to include; filtering is optional as well 
  5. Select thespreadsheet icon icon to display Charts & Data; when selected it will appear as such:  File sheet icon
  6. Within the Charts section (below the Data section), click the ellipsis icon ellipsis icon and select Add Chart 
  7. A configuration panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen 
  8. Select the Chart type (bar, column, line, pie or heat map) 
  9. For the Category (Y-axis), select Source Type 
  10. For the Metric (X-axis), select Row Count 
  11. Value Calculation will default to Count; keep it as is 
  12. Select the remaining fields based on preference. The best practice is to start by displaying all fields and then tweaking to remove any that are not needed. Best practice also includes renaming the Chart to a meaningful name for later reference.  You will want to be sure to check off Category Labels to see the Source Type.
  13. Click Save 
  14. The Chart will now appear on the screen. 
  15. To display the Chart Only, follow step 5 above and select Charts Only chart icon 
    data in spreadsheet and pie chart