How do I view my employee's accrual balances?

You can easily view all of your employee's accrual balances, by using the accrual balances report.

  • To view employee accrual balances, navigate to My Employees > Accruals > Balances.
  • The Accrual Balances page will display, as shown below.
  • The following columns may be available, but you can add and remove columns by using the Select Columns link.
  • These are the common columns you will see:
    • Accrual Profile – The profile to which the employee is assigned.
    • Time Off – The type of accrual balance assigned to the employee.
    • Updated To Date – The date in which the balance is updated to or as of.
    • Hours Earned YTD – Balance earned year-to-date.
    • Hours Taken YTD – Time off taken year-to-date.
    • Hours Scheduled – Time off scheduled in the future.
    • Hours Remaining – Balance remaining.
Reports view
  • As in other reports, you have the ability to export this report by clicking the Export link.