How do I give access to an employee in the system?

These are the steps to give someone system access to your company and/or employees in Fuse

There are two components to giving users access to the Fuse Workforce system.  The first component is the Security profile, which defines what they can see and do in Fuse.  The second component is the Group or Manager settings, which defines whom they can see or manage in Fuse.

  • You assign their Security Profile in their Employee Account.
    • Find the employee and on their Main tab on the left, under Profiles, you'll see 'Security' and you'll choose whichever profile fits best for what access they need.
  • You assign their Group settings by navigating to Company Settings > Global Setup > Groups > Edit. Find the group they should have access to and click the icon of the two people.
    • For example, if they should have access to everyone, click the "Group Permissions" icon next to the group All Company Employees. On the top right, click "Add Manager." Find the employee and click the flag to select them. Check the box next to everything they should have access to and click "Add."

Note: if this person is already assigned as the manager to an employee, they'll have access to them without manually adding them to Group Settings.

The next time that person logs in they'll have new functionality based on the Security Profile you assigned them and the ability to view employees in the Group they were assigned to.