How do I export all of my companies payroll data if we're moving to a new payroll provider?

Below are some of the suggested items you'll want to export or download from Fuse if you're moving to a new payroll provider.

Employee (EE) Information Reports to Export:

Under My Reports > My Saved Reports…

  • Payroll Conversion: Base Comp History - All active EE's base comp history
  • Payroll Conversion: Deductions Info - All active EE's scheduled deductions
  • Payroll Conversion: Direct Deposit Info - All active EE's direct deposit info
  • Payroll Conversion: Earnings Info - All active EE's scheduled earnings (other than Salary)
  • Payroll Conversion: Deduction Codes - Company deduction code
  • Payroll Conversion: Earning Codes - Company earning codes
  • Payroll Conversion: Employee Tax Settings - All active EE's FIT and SIT taxes
  • Payroll Conversion: Employee Tax Settings (All) - All active EE's taxes (all tax codes)
  • Payroll Conversion: Employee Information - All EE's basic information (anyone who was paid in the current year)

Payroll History for Mid-Year Conversion:

To export your payroll information for this year (and any other years) using a Data Export navigate to Admin > System Data Exports > Data Exports.

Click the run data icon next to “Payroll Summary” and enter the date range. Typically, you'll want it by quarter. So for example, enter 1/1/2020-3/31/2020, then 4/1/2020-6/30/2020, then 7/1/2020-9/30/2020.

For prior years you can do it for the whole year range, etc.  This will give you all data in a .csv file, so it'll be easy to convert and import into whatever system you are switching your payroll to for the current year.

Along with those data exports, you should also export the corresponding Payroll Registers for audit purposes.

Navigate to Team > Payroll > Reports > Payroll Register > By Employee

- This will sum up all PST's for each EE into 1 snippet for whatever date range you select, so you may do it by year for previous years and then by quarter for the current year.


Pay Statement Copies for your Employees:

To export copies of your EE's pay statements, you can send them in a PDF file to yourself by navigating to Team > Payroll > Reports > Pay History > Pay Statement History (Detail).

On the top right, change the calendar range to This Year. You can either select all at once or filter for each employee so you have one pdf for each EE rather than all combined. Select whichever ones you want together, then on the top right click Deliver Selected Pay Statements. Choose the delivery destination that says "your name’s email".  On the pop-up window, you can leave non-negotiable since they're just copies of the pay statements, and click Deliver as one PDF.  This will send you an email with one PDF with whichever pay statements you have selected. Repeat for prior years or for other individual EE's as you see fit.


W-2 Copies for your Employees:

To download copies of prior year W2’s, navigate to Team > HR > Government Forms > W2’s. On the top right, update the Tax Year to last year's date and click Apply. Check the box on the top left to select all forms. On the top right click Download > ‘One Copy Per Employee (Copy B,2,C)’ > click Download PDF. Save the PDF and repeat for any additional years.


Quarterly Company Tax Packages:

If you don't have your quarterly tax packages saved, please reference the following article which has instructions on how to access and download these for your records.

- How do I find our payroll tax returns in Fuse?


After reviewing that data, please let us know if there is anything else you're looking for so we can help.