Fuse Mobile App Instructions

How to download and log in to the Fuse Mobile App.

Downloading the Mobile App

The Fuse Workforce mobile app can be downloaded from your mobile device's App Store or Google Marketplace. The name of the app is HCMToGo

Or, scan this QR Code:

QR Code

HCM to go in the app storeHCM to go in the play store

First Time Login

To log in the first time, you will need to enter the following:

  • Select your region from the list: i.e., North America
    • Selecting your region
  • Type your company's shortname
    • Note: The shortname can be found in the URL you use to login to Fuse from the desktop.  Example: https://secure2.saashr.com/ta/1234567.  The last seven digits of this example reflect the shortname.  Contact your company administrator if you have trouble locating this information.
  • Select Continue
  • Enter your username and password for Fuse
  • Select Login