Finalizing Payroll vs. Submitting Payroll in Fuse

The button that you see as the last step of your Payroll Processing steps has changed, but your process overall has not.

In an effort to help improve the efficiency of your payroll processing, and to empower you with more control over the process from beginning to end, Fuse has made a change to the last step in your Payroll Processing screen.  The "Submit Payroll" step has been replaced with the "Finalize and Deliver Payroll" step.  All other steps in your Payroll Prep screen remain the same.

This change eliminates the need for Fuse to click a button to Finalize your payrolls but does not change the other steps that Fuse handles with processing your payrolls.  If nothing else, this change will avoid the delays that sometimes occurred between when you Submitted your payrolls and when those payrolls would get Finalized by Fuse. 

Now, you will be Finalizing your payrolls immediately and will no longer need to wait for Fuse to do so.  As a result, you also gain greater visibility into the status of your payroll process.


A few things to keep in mind:

  1. If payroll is finalized after 5:00 PM EST (2:00 PM PST), the ACH file will not be sent until the following business day, as this is the cutoff of ACH processing.
  2. If this happens, where your payroll is finalized after 5:00 PM EST (2:00 PM PST) on your normal processing day, and the ACH File is not sent until the next business day, a wire will be needed to fund your payroll and ensure your employees are paid on time.  Fuse will provide instructions to you if this ever happens, but please process payroll by your normal time in order to avoid having to send a wire.
  3. If payroll is finalized after the Fuse team is done working for the day AND you need to make any changes, aka Reprocess payroll, Fuse will be able to assist at the beginning of the next business day.   In general, this cutoff is 5:00 PM EST (2:00 PM PST).  Please just send an email so we can roll the payroll back for you to make your changes.
  4. If your organization has multiple EIN's (multi-EIN) AND you use the "Process Multiple Payroll" menu items, you will no longer use the "Submit" step by itself.  Instead, you will need to click the buttons to complete both the "Finalize" and the "Deliver" steps separately.