Enabling Indeed Integration

How do I enable Indeed Job Board integration through FUSE?

To start posting job requisitions to Indeed from Fuse Workforce users will need to make the Indeed job board Active. It is important to remember that once the job board is made Active, all the existing job requisitions that fulfill the Indeed criteria will be automatically posted to the Indeed Job Board.

Before enabling the Indeed Job Board in FUSE please review your current active job requisitions for accuracy.

  1. Review any jobs that need to be posted.
  2. The jobs have to have an end date.
  3. The requisitions have to have contact information.
  4. The requisitions will then post to Indeed within 24-48 hours(after the initial set up which can take up to 10 days).  
  5. These requirements are set by Indeed, it is not a FUSE policy. 

To make the Indeed Job Board active, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into Fuse Workforce and click on the Hamburger menu > Admin > Company Settings > HR Setup > Applicant Tracking/Recruitment > Configuration
  2. Click on Edit Tabs
  3. In the Available Windows, locate the Job Board Configuration Widget and drag and drop that onto one of the configuration tabs. Click Save.
  4. Click back to the Configuration screen and click on the tab of the page you added the widget to and you will see the Job Board Configuration widget with the Indeed settings. Within the settings click on Active.
  5. 2 more fields will open, enter the Company Email address. The email address to enter in this field is the one that will be recognized by Indeed if you have a current relationship.
  6. If you want to Opt In for Indeed's Easily Apply function, simply check mark the Opt In box.
    When you first opt-in to the Indeed Integration, the initial configuration can take up to 10 days. Once configured, all job content created or updated in the Kronos platform should be visible within 24 to 48 hours
User-added image
  1. Click Save. Once save is clicked, all the existing job requisitions that fulfill the Indeed criteria(mentioned above) will automatically be posted to Indeed's job board.
    A success/error message will appear, see image below:
User-added image
The hyperlink shown in the message, when clicked, will navigate the user to a report page of Inactive jobs.
Viewing Dates and Times job requisition was posted to Indeed
The date and times of Indeed job posting for all job requisitions can be seen on the job requisition report:
  1. Navigate to Team > Recruitment > Job Requisitions
  2. Click on the ellipses (Action) icon, click on Add/Remove Columns
  3. Search Posted Date on Indeed, select the checkbox from the Available Columns and click on Add.
  4. Move the column to any place in the report and click Apply.