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District of Columbia Withholding - Approve Request

Fuse will need access to your DC account to file and pay your tax returns. Please follow the directions below to grant this access.

  1. Fuse will need to submit an access request online before you can approve it. Please email support@fuseworkforce.com if you need this request submitted. Once the request is submitted, the administrator of your account will receive the third-party request from MyTax.DC.Gov
  2. Login at https://mytax.dc.gov/_/
  3. Go to the Action Center tab
  4. You will see  an item on this list showing You have a third party access request pending
  5. Click on Respond to this Request
  6. Click Yes to approve the access
  7. Choose File Returns and Make Payments as the Access Type
  8. Click Next to review
  9. Click Submit to complete
  10. You should now see a Confirmation page, which you can print for your records
  11. Please email support@fuseworkforce.com to let us know this has been completed