Correcting a Termination Date

Termination dates are greyed out once an employee is terminated. Correcting these dates can be completed using an import file.

Creating Your Import

The import for termination dates will need the following columns entered into an Excel file:

  • Employee ID
  • Status: This should show the status of "Terminated" in every row
  • Terminated: Enter the correct termination date
  • EIN Name: Only if you are a Multi-EIN client

Here is an example of what your spreadsheet should look like:

Employee ID Status Terminated EIN Name
123456 Terminated  09/01/2023  


Save this file as a .xls (or an Excel 97-2003 Workbook):

Importing the New Date

  1. Go to Settings > Imports > Employee Setup > Employees
  2. Choose the file you saved in the previous step
  3. Click TEST to test the file
  4. If no errors display, proceed by clicking IMPORT on the top right
  5. Once this is completed, review the employee's information to ensure the date has been updated.
  6. This termination date import will not automatically update other end dates (like earnings, deductions, direct deposits, or benefit plans), so remember to review and update those as necessary.