Changing Pay Periods

How to change employee pay periods with or without transition periods

Step 1: Creating a Transition Period

You will need first to determine if a transition pay period is needed for this pay period change. A transition pay period may be needed when moving employee pay cycles to a different frequency or pay cycle.

  • For Example, when moving an employee from a semi-monthly to a bi-weekly frequency:
    • Old Pay Period 1/1/21 -1/14/21
    • New Pay Period 1/3/21 – 1/16/21
    • Transition period possibilities:
      • 1/1/21 – 1/2/21 (Employees start new pay period on 1/3), or
      • 1/1/21 – 1/16/21 (Employees start new pay period on 1/17)

Step 2: Assign new pay period profile to employees (NOT Transition period)

  1. Go to Settings > Mass Edit > Mass Edit Profiles
  2. Use filters to select employees. Be sure to remove any filters that exclude Terminated employees. It is important to ensure Terminated employees ARE moved into your new profiles.
  3. Click the Mass Edit Button on the top right
  4. In the Pay Period Profile, choose the new pay period for these employees. Be sure to choose the correct period, NOT the Transition period.
  5. Click the Apply Change button to move the employees to the new pay period.

Step 3: Manually Add Employees to Transition Period

  1. Go to Team > Payroll > Process Timesheets
  2. Search for the Transition Period. If you did not create a Transition Period, look for the first period in which this new pay period should be applied.
  3. Click the People Icon to view the employees in this period. Use the Elipses and Add Employees on the top right to add missing employees from this period manually.

Step 4: Open All Transition Timesheets

  1. Go to Team > Time > Timesheets > By Pay Period
  2. Use your report filters to show only the timesheets in the transition period (or the period you chose for Step 3)
  3. The employees manually added to the Transition Period will show that their Timesheets were "Never Opened." Select All and choose the Print Option on the top right to "Open" them. You do not need to print these timesheets, but after completing the wizard, you should see all timesheets in this period now show as "Open."

Step 5: Clean Up Duplicates

  1. Go to Settings > Time & Labor Maintenance > Duplicate Timesheets
  2. You should now see the employees moved to the new pay period, with time on the period (1) that needs to be transferred to the period (2)
    1. If you do NOT see any rows for duplicate timesheets, there may be issues with them not showing up as Open. Please try to complete Step 4 or contact for help.
  3.  Select the Move To checkboxes, then click the Move All Entries button to move the time to the correct timesheet period.
  4. Delete the empty timesheets once the time is moved to the appropriate timesheet. The system will never allow you to delete a timesheet with time on it.

Step 6: Check Pay Period by Employee Report

  • Once all the previous steps are complete, review Team > Payroll > Pay Periods by Employee to ensure no overlapping pay periods are left.

Step 7: Check for Future Time

  1. Use the All Timesheets report and check for one year into the future to see if there are any timesheets with entries on the wrong pay period. This report only shows timesheets that have been created.
  2. If any time entries are found, you must open the timesheets and move the entries to the correct timesheet. Using those future dates, you can complete steps 4 and 5 mentioned above to complete this process.