Biometric Consent Policy Updates

Biometric consent is an important topic, and new system updates will be rolling out to assist with your internal processes.

What is biometric consent?

  • When using devices like timeclocks, employers have options for how employees punch in. Biometric punches can include fingerprints, handprints, or facial recognition.
  • When using a biometric type of punch, they are enrolled at the clock using this type of biometric data. Biometric consent gives the employee the ability to approve or deny the saving of their biometric data is held.

Updates in April 2023

  • In the April 2023 release, the system automatically added announcements to prompt employees to either approve or decline the retention of their biometric data. If an employee declines this retention, their biometric information is immediately removed from the system and will transmit that removal from the clock in the next clock/system sync process.
  • If employees approve this request or do not decline the consent, there will be no change to their processes until June.

Updates in June 2023

  • In the June 2023 release, all employees must approve this consent within 72 hours of enrolling their biometric data at the clock. Any employee that does not approve consent within that 72 hours will have all biometric data removed from the system and the clock. This will include previously enrolled and current employees.