Best Practices for Reviewing Employee Biometric Consent Status

The best ways to review biometric consent status and audit history. This will help assist in policy and biometric requirements.

System Report: Hardware Settings

  • The Hardware Settings report can be found under My Reports > HR Reports > HR Maintenance > Hardware Settings. 
  • This report will have the following helpful columns available:
    • Has Biometrics Saved
      • Whether or not the employee has any biometric data saved in the system right now
    • Current Bioconsent Status
      • Yes: Bioconsent has been given
      • Not Available: Bioconsent has not been approved or declined
      • No: Bioconsent has been declined
    • Most Recent Bioconsent
      • The data on the most Current Bioconsent Status column was completed

System Report: Biometric Consent Audit

  • The Biometric Consent Audit report can be found under Time > Reports > Audit Trail > Biometric Consent.
  • This report is an audit trail to show when and how an employee updated their consent status.

Notifications when Consent is Approved or Declined

  1. If you want to receive notifications when an employee approves or declines this status, go to Admin > Global Setup > Notifications.
  2. Click the New Notification button on the top right and search for one of the following options:
    1. Biometric Consent Accepted: to receive a notification when employees give approval
    2. Biometric Consent Declined: to receive a notification when the employee does not consent to store biometric templates
    3. Biometric Consent Agreement Needed (Manager): to notify managers when employees have not yet completed their consent agreement.