An employee was paid incorrectly, how do I fix this?

The best practice is to void and re-issue the pay statement.

  1. You will need to void and create a pay statement in your next available open payroll. Voiding and re-issuing the pay statement allows the system to properly calculate the taxes and any applicable deductions.
  2. You can find a detailed guide for voiding and creating manual pay statements under "My Learning."
    1. The document's name is "Creating void and manual pay statements."
    2. My Account > Help > My Learning > Administrator--Payroll
  3. If an ACH Reversal is needed to pull the funds back from a bank account, please contact Fuse Support to request a reversal attempt(fees apply).

Important Considerations

  1. If the information is for a previous quarter or previous year, please contact support for additional guidance since in some cases voiding pay statements cross-quarters require additional steps to avoid issues.
  2. If you are voiding a pay statement without reissuing it, please contact Fuse Support to review and come up with a custom solution depending on each situation