Alabama Income Withholding - Letter Needed

Fuse will need access to your AL account to file and pay your tax returns. Please follow the directions below to grant this access.

Enabling Third-Party Access or Setting a Password

  1. Go to this URL:
  2. Click the Profile icon on the top-right of the page and select My Profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Other Actions... tab
  4. In the Access panel, click the Manage Third Party Access link
  5. Next to the Allowed: label, you'll see a link that displays the current setting for their party logons for this account. Click that link to change the setting if necessary.
  6. You have the option to set up a third-party password:
    1. If third-party access is enabled, you may configure a third-party password by clicking on the Set Password or Update Password link. This password should be different from your own passwords.
      1. Click OK to set the third-party password

Granting Access to Fuse

  1. Send an email to This email will need to include:
    1. Sign-On ID**
    2. Access Code**
    3. Third-Party Password (if one is set)

**Note: Sign-On ID and Access Codes were provided to you in a letter from the Alabama Department of Revenue; they are not your MAT Username and Password. Please reach out to Alabama 334-242-1300 if you cannot find your Sign-On ID or Access Code**