Fuse employee Scheduling software

Quickly and accurately build employee schedules

Manually building schedules: time-consuming and easy to mess up

Creating schedules is a major source of frustration for managers in any industry. It’s time-consuming and fraught with opportunities to make mistakes. Trying to ensure that the right employees are scheduled for the right number of hours that fit within their availability, while keeping an eye on fluctuating demand, productivity, and profits— it’s a lot to juggle.

Trying to do all of this using spreadsheets can mean overstaffing some shifts, understaffing others, and frustrating employees and supervisors. So how can you build and manage schedules that allow you to meet your business goals without overspending on labor?

Automatically building schedules: quick and accurate

The scheduling application in Fuse’s integrated workforce management suite will help improve workforce productivity and control labor costs by scheduling the right employees in the right shifts. It provides the information you need to automate the process, allowing you to easily and accurately create schedules that reflect your budget and demand. Additionally, it enforces scheduling policies consistently to help you avoid employee grievances, fines, and litigation.

With the scheduling application, managers can spend more time focusing on the bottom line, and less time arranging and rearranging schedules.

Here’s what makes the difference:

  • Easy to control labor costs by making informed decisions that account for budget constraints
  • Aligning staff coverage to fluctuating demand makes your workforce more productive
  • Automatically enforces scheduling policies, labor laws, and union rules
  • Simplifies the process of creating a schedule so managers can focus on business strategy 

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"This application has saved us so much time. We used to have to keep multiple spreadsheets for HR and time and attendance. Now everything is in Fuse and easily accessible. Processing payroll is a breeze and basically error free."

— Nancy T., Human Resources Director, Dolphin Research Center

"Many companies have great software. Most payroll software gets the job done. Not all of them have a staff who will work with you."

— Elizabeth J., Administrator