What fees will I be charged when using my Global Cash Card paycard from Fuse?

There are different fees depending on how you use your paycard, but there are ways to minimize the fees that you pay.

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The main ways that you can use your Global Cash Card paycard are at a Merchant (Point-of-Sale), an ATM (cash withdrawal), or at a Bank (Over-The-Counter withdrawal), and there are different fees charged depending on the type of transaction that you use.

Point-Of-Sale Transactions:

1) The BEST way to use your paycard is by using a Signature Transaction to make purchases at merchants because it is free of any fees and the most efficient way to use your card.  Since you are not charged any fees with this type of transaction, it is also the best way to get cash off of your paycard by requesting cash-back as part of the transaction.

2) You can use a PIN Transaction at any merchant to make a purchase, but there is a fee of $0.50 per transaction when you use your card this way.  You can get cash-back using a PIN Transaction as well.

3) You can also use your paycard for purchases online on any website that accepts credit card payments, and you can do this free of any fees as well.

ATM Withdrawals:

1) Use your Global Cash Card paycard at ATMs that are part of the All Point or Money Pass networks to withdraw cash without any surcharges from the ATM that you are using.  You will be charged a fee of $1.75 per transaction by Global Cash Card to make an ATM Cash withdrawal.

2) If you withdraw cash from an ATM that is not part of the All Point or Money Pass networks, you will be charged surcharge fees from the ATM network that you are using on top of the normal ATM fee of $1.75 per transaction that you get charged by Global Cash Card.

Over-The-Counter Withdrawals:

1) Visit any participating bank to withdraw some, or all, of the money from your paycard, free of any fees.  Simply inform the teller that you wish to do an over-the-counter transaction.

Check Your Balance:

Access the balance on your paycard for free using any of the following methods.

1) Access your paycard account online at globalcashcard.com

2) Use two-way texting to access information including your card balance, account transactions, and more

3) Sign-Up for account alerts to receive email or text messages when your balance falls below a specified dollar amount when deposits are made to your paycard, and more.

Avoid Additional Fees:

Use your Global Cash Card and the resources available to you wisely to avoid additional fees that may be charged.  When you receive your paycard, you will also receive a full fee disclosure of all possible charges under your card agreements.  Make sure to review this document in detail so you can understand all of the potential fees that you could be charged and how to avoid paying those fees at any point in the future.

You can visit the Global Cash Card FAQs page for more information but the full fee disclosure will only be included with your paycard so make sure to keep that for your records.