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Timesheet Workflow Migration: How To Migrate from “Non-Workflow” Timesheet Approvals to Timesheet Workflow Approvals

This article will provide instructions for migrating from “Non- Workflow” Timesheet Approvals to Timesheet Workflows.

Please Note: Pending timesheet approvals will be rejected and will need to be manually resubmitted.

1. Navigate to Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup and click on the Global Policies Tab.

2. Find the Workflow Policies widget and select Use Workflow For Timesheet.

3. The following message will appear. 

4. After clicking OK, the Use Workflow For Timesheet setting will be grayed out and cannot be unchecked.

Prior to Enabling the Timesheet Workflow

The following will be in place prior to enabling the Timesheet Workflow Migration
Timesheet Profile - No Timesheet Workflow within the profile

After enabling Timesheet Workflows

After enabling Timesheet Workflows, the following can be expected.

Timesheet Profile– A Timesheet Workflow field will appear and be pre-populated with a Migration Generated Timesheet Approval workflow. Clicking the Timesheet Workflow title/link will open the workflows page under Company Settings > Global Setup > Workflows where the workflow can be viewed and/or edited as needed.

Timesheet Status - Timesheets that have been submitted by employees and are in Open or Submitted status at the time the workflows are enabled, will display as Open (Rejected) or Submitted (Rejected) and must be submitted again to be processed through the workflow process.

Once employees re-submit their timesheets for approval, the workflow process will be in effect and managers can then approve submitted timesheets via their To-Do Items, if their security profile is enabled to support To-Do Items

If managers aren’t using To-Do Items, they can still approve timesheets from the Pending Approval report under Manage Time > Manage Timesheet > Pending Approval.