How to be an early adopter in the migration to Fuse's newest user experience

Everything you need to know if you are ready for your company to access the great features of Fuse's newest user experience before everyone else.

We are empowering you to choose when you would like your company's users to move over to our newest user experience in Fuse's UKG Ready system.  Any time between now and July 29th, 2021, you can move your users over simply by changing the URL that they use to access the Fuse system.  Where the URL has ".hcm" in it, simply switch that to ".home" (example below).  It's that simple!  If you choose not to have your users convert by July 29th, the .hcm URL that they are using currently will automatically redirect to the .home URL.

Once converted to .home, the toggle feature for the New Timesheet Experience and for the New Employee Profile will go away.  It is important to note that this change will have no impact on Single-Sign-Ons (SSO) or Timeclocks in use by your company, thanks to the .hcm URLs automatically redirecting to .home.


URL change example:

  • Before (.hcm):
  • After (.home):

Benefits of .home:

  • Enhanced performance when loading your reports and pages 
  • Access to an additional search bar that will be at the top of your header
  • The highly requested return of breadcrumbs will appear on each of your pages, so you know exactly where you are in the system
  • Access to the new timesheet experience (by removing the toggle option)
  • Access to the new single and multi-column employee profile (the classic employee profile will be removed together with the toggle)
  • A new time prep page that includes Jump To links

Demo Videos: